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Advantages Of Solar Road Traffic Signs
Nov 02, 2012

The solar traffic sign is the road traffic safety facilities of a new generation, which use solar to generate power. Its flashing light is bright and eye-catching with a strong warning role. Especially in the powerless highways, the often moving construction site and mountain roads, corners and other highly dangerous areas, this can actively light warning signs reflect a special warning role, the visual distance is much larger than the traditional reflective film traffic signs. It’s not replaced that the dynamic effect is the ordinary signs. It is with the following features:

solar road traffic signs.jpg

1、It uses solar energy to power, and it don’t consume conventional energy. It’s safe with an energy saving;

2、It is installed simply, and it don’t need to lay the cable another;

3、It is with high brightness and LED light source. The visibility of it is so strong in order to improve road safety;

4The battery circuit has a perfect protection with maintenance-free and sealed battery without personnel for maintenance;

5、It can normally and continuously work from three to seven days in the situation of rain and rain weather. (as for different regional and product configuration);

6、It adopts with aluminum alloy shell, which is so durable;

7、According to the actual situation, you can use light control or time control.

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