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The order of kenya parking lock shipped successfully
Dec 29, 2016

  About his inquiry, He just said:"Please send me details on shipment and good prices for your reserved parking to be shipped to kenya.Thanks, Paul". From the the inquiry, he just wanted to ship the details and FOB price of going to Kenyan countries and no more product consult. So this inquiry is not very perfect! But I still add his whatsapp account,the first time I sent a message to him,he did not ignore me at all, even did not know I was who, but after sending many news, he finally replied to me, he said he was during the vacation, not yet in working hours.He said he will contact me at certain time in working days.You do not know how happy I am, which means that he really wants to buy. Then I introduce the product and product detail to him in the process of negotiation.At first he just said that he need 50 pieces of X type parking lock, but at last he said he wants to mix with all kinds of parking locks and ask me if we have any other type.I sent the quotation of all the parking lock to him, he selected several kinds from it,the total amount is 50 pieces.He is very satisfied with the price of a product, only the X-type parking lock and D-type remote control parking lock a bit puzzled, because for our x-type parking lock are different sizes, different prices, as well as our D-type remote control parking spaces.The difference is that the lock is a solar version, the other one is not, so the price is different. After explanation,he had no problem with the price of the product, he asked me a question: What's the next?At first I did not understand, and finally I realized that he was asking about the issue of payment, I really do not know how excited I was, I give him a advice that he will make the order with Alibaba in order to protect your product and money security. I immediately set up an order in Alibaba and sent him the link.Because he was my first Kenya customer, I am very focused and care about this customer.Even I was naively think he said he will pay.I was with full of expectation,which want to see bill of customers. As expected, he paid within the two agreed days, and at night, I was so excited that I can not be asleep.

  The order of kenya parking lock successfully shipped, I pay attention to the shipping information of the goods at any time.I often help customers update logistics information.When the goods are arriving, the customer told me that his goods need to be checked in advance.At first I did not understand what he said at all, and finally he sent me an email about their country's policy, that is to say, he needs a COC certification to get the goods when the clearance.Because the customer is the first to import things, so he also did not know that, and finally I read a lot of information online, and help customers consult for all channels of this certificate. I also verify the cost.Finally, because of the time problem and in order to avoid unnecessary storage costs, I recommend to clients that he would better finish the COC certification in their countries.The customers also feel reasonable.He finally got the goods that has waited for you long time within the limited time.

 However, this customer really makes me happy. Finally after he got the goods, which gave me a lot of photos and videos tell me to show how good our products are to use. Hope to cooperate with us next time! He said my after-sale was done well with a serious attitude! For customers, our company's philosophy is to do it once business, become friends forever, so we will strive for product quality and seriously do after-selling service working, and will be responsible for every customer!

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