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Saudi customers buy X waterproof smart car lock 50pcs sample
Apr 20, 2018

Saudi customers buy X waterproof smart car park lock 50pcs sample sheet

Here's where you'll briefly introduce our APP LOCK.

Product Overview: New generation of dual-channel self-sensing parking lock, which 

is composed of two parts: proximity sensor label and Bluetooth parking lock. The 

proximity label tags installed in the car, with the Bluetooth parking lock matching, 

the parking lock will automatically be lowered and when the car leaves, the lock will 

then automatically elevate again. There is no need for any manual labour to 

operate it. The Bluetooth parking lock can also be controlled by mobile APP, mobile 

phone Bluetooth control, easy to achieve berth sharing, wrong time parking / time 

rental on the lots.


Our Smart Phone automatic parking bollard is brand new technology to Australia. 

It allows you to protect and access your parking space by controlling the bollard 

through a smart phone application. Upon entering your parking space, simply 

lower your parking bollard via your smart phone and it will lay flat, allowing you to 

enter your parking space with ease.

Upon leaving your parking space, by using your smart phone, you can raise the 

parking lock to prevent unauthorised access to your parking space. We also have 

parking locks with sensors, so when you drive away, the parking lock automatically 


The Smart Phone Automatic Parking Bollard also allows you to share the lock with 

other users. Simply enter the phone number of a potential user and this will allow 

them to control the lock with their smart phone. This is a perfect solution for visitor 

car parking and also businesses wanting to allow parking access to customers and 


The parking lock is powered by four D size batteries. On average each battery will 

last about 700 uses, or the equivalent of about 12 months continuous use.

With the arm raised,it is 370mm high. With the arm lowered,it is 80mm high.

Your Smart Phone Automatic Parking Bollard will be supplied with a 12 month 







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