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Romania Customers buy remote parking lock
Dec 25, 2016

From the moment I receive the parking lock inquiry, I first analyze the inquiry, the country where the customer located in, and the last 90 days behavioral data.

As the photo shown:

offer.JPGparking lock .JPG

 Cristian's inquiry does not seem to send me only. Of course, each person will go through many suppliers by comparison. Very good, 

take over Come to me for a targeted, timely response Cristian. (6 hours jet lag between Romania and China ,to find the right time to communicate with customers)

Customer buy parking lock is clear, but he did not know which type to buy, and then I sent him several hot selling types for reference.

 And attach the difference between several hot products.

Customer quickly replied to me,he interested in one type  product. Then ask 200 units price.

Even if it was a New Year's Day holiday, I was still very promptly reported  a discount price to customer, let customers know that we attach great importance to each Guest. In order to save time and improve communication efficiency, while consulting a few freight forwarders sea freight and air freight  are reported to the customer to choose.

Midway bargain with me ,I sent to customers  some my chatting history with other customers.our product prices, quality, service

Attach great importance to cooperate with us, and later his market will be bigger and bigger.Maybe it was my timeliness and serious arose customer feelings, and soon we talked to the sample. answer.JPG

As the big goods prices have been negotiated, the sample we are in accordance with the company's price, and we promise to customers will return the sample fee in the second large order.

Comparison of five international agencies different channels for customers to choose, because the parking lock is a lead-acid battery products, customs inspection is strict, the cost a little expensive. 

After communicating, the customer decide to purchase battery  in local place. Then freight reduced, the product price to the customer accordingly

decreased. We look forward to long-term cooperation with customers, it should be cheaper for my client.

Finally, the most important : Payment!

send the  other customers  payment  slip to romania customer , but after all  the first cooperation, the customer still not enough trust in us totally.

All tradesmen are rigorous, I also respect the customer, and then draft the trade  insurance orders in Alibaba, then send order link to client. 

Even if i know the Romanian plug standard is the European standard, but must confirm with the customer gain, because there can be no mistakes

, The customer's time is also very precious!

Cristian readily agreed upon receipt. well! Immediately, the customer completed the payment, email me.

As shown below:email   parkinglock.JPG

Customers can choose me, I can not let customers down!

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