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Apr 08, 2018

We have a few enquiries regarding the device itself: 

- Regarding the bluetooth protocol. We would like to know which version of bluetooth is currently installed in the devices? Version 2+ or 3+? 

- Does device have sensor to detect if car is above or if there are ways to detect if any vehicle is parked above it? 

- In case of battery replacements? Are the batteries purchasable off-the-shelf or are they product specific? Additionally, I believe the batteries should be rechargeable as well. 

- Possible to get the bluetooth protocol from the manufacturer? We will need to understand the messages that are sent from the mobile app to the devices. As we are looking to allow our own existing application to interact directly with device. Things that would be helpful would be the following: 

(1) Any form of security/id protocol? 

(2) Able to return feedback message? 

- Current device feedback, seems to return battery status, arm-bar status, alarm alert, and device status (Based on existing app demo). Any other information is returned? Specifically, any format of data send from app to device and device back to app? 

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