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Israel wants to protect parking space
Jan 16, 2017

About Israel:

Israel is located in western Asia, road traffic developed. Israeli private cars are just as popular as developed countries in Europe and the United States, creating the feeling of "overcrowded" in larger cities such as Tel Aviv. Nevertheless, people who have traveled to Israel feel that the road to sluggishness is relatively rare and that it is even harder to see the traffic jams like the big cities in other countries.

Israel is located in the Middle East where the three continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet. It is a country that has made use of modern science and technology to create a miracle in the desert. Because of its developed scientific and technological level, Israel is known as "Japan in the Middle East."

I contacted the Israeli client three months ago, and he had been asking for protect car space samples in the past, and I gave my clients a very detailed introduction.

Almost a client knows how much they want to buy, the quality must be very good, all imported parts, I first tell customers what you pay for. Therefore, before the negotiations, the first to confirm these quotations before pricing quoted one by one.

In fact, customers are compared to 4-5 suppliers, and understand it very clearly so find me, so we must be professional and fully prepared.

Eventually, the client tried to follow my suggestion to take 1cbm goods, because I told him that if less than 1cbm they still charge in accordance with 1cbm, so this cost savings.

Customer told me: candice, you are very patient, I like to good service team.

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