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Q1:Are you factory?

A:Yes, we are factory. We have experience in producing for many years.

Q2:Can you give me free sample?

A:We have a part of the product that can provide free samples, please consult the sales staff.

Q3:How do you order or pay?

A:We will send you a form invoice in order to confirm the content and amount, including our bank information. You can wire pay, Western Union or paypal.

Q4:How can we ensure that the quality of the product you receive is qualified?

A:In production, we have multiple detection work. After qualified, it can carry out the next process. For the products before leaving the factory, it can be issued we are also subject to be tested.

Q5:What is your order quantity?

A:Different products have different requirements, please consult our sales staff in detail.

Q6:What are your delivery methods?

A:For emergency or small weight products, you can choose federal, DHL, UPS and EMS air transport, the transport time is always about 2 to 5 work days - depending on the destination.

The shipping can be ordered in large quantities, delivery time is about 3 to 45 days, depending on the destination. Shipping to Korea is only 3 days.

Q7:Can I buy from your local dealer?

A:We now have more than 20 countries of the dealer. If you are now no dealer in your country, you are welcome to do our dealers.

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